Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Corridor

(Place of Hope and Peace)

In 1923 when Thailand was known as Siam and ruled by King Vajiravudh Rama the VI, it was decided that because of the Kings poor health that a new palace be built for his rest and relaxation. King Rama decided to design the palace himself and did in fact complete a rough design. The palace was constructed out of golden teak wood. The entire structure was erected on top of 1080 pillars as shown in the photo. At the base of each pillar is a small mote. Each mote was filled with water to keep ants and other unwanted insects from gaining access into the palace. After the construction was complete, King Rama only enjoyed the structure as a summer getaway for two years before dying. The palace and grounds over the past several years have been renovated and is a favorite destination for tourist and locals alike.

This photo was the motivation for the words. Created in 2006 for my company. I hope they mean something to you.

Randy J. Cole