Monday, November 30, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Paridee Kositchiranant

Just a note to point out that I have added two new sites in my link area, “Good Stuff To Look At.” The new links are, "What’s Good In NYC." and "Paridee Arts & Design." These sites are authored by a young lady from Thailand that came to NYC with a dream and has worked very hard to make it happen. Her name is Paridee Kositchiranant and she is an accomplished artist working in several different medias as well as an accomplished fashion designer with Polo Ralph Lauren in New York. She is good people and keeps herself anchored in the real world by volunteering at Children Services. Instead of going to a swank NYC Halloween party she chose to spend time helping with a Children Services party for some of the less fortunate children in New York. Like I said she is good people. I hope you enjoy her sites as much as I do.
The piece shown is Self Portriat By Pardee Kositchiranant