Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some Sort of Light

Photo by Randy J. Cole 2007

I have often referred to myself as an atheist, but as I get older I find that idea to be distasteful. The thought of passing on with less then a smile on my face just sounds wrong and if there is nothing to look forward to after death then why would one smile. Even as a child I could not embrace the Christian ideology and I still can’t, but having said that, I can tell you that I detest the big mouth atheist who push their ideals upon us all and attempt to use the constitution too accomplish their goals. Let me point out that there is a movement out there to remove the crosses that adorn the headstones on a majority of the graves at Arlington National Cemetery. No thank you, that is not acceptable. How about this, if you are a true atheist just sit down and shut your mouth and let others believe what they want because it isn’t about you, it is about an individual’s beliefs.
I don’t think I am Agnostic, which sounds like an after effect from a botched surgery on ones digestive tract. A person who is an Agnostic is a person who believes that the existence of God is unknown or unknowable but does not deny the existence of God.
Where does this leave me? I am not sure I fall into any category to be honest. I have seen so many things during my lifetime that makes me believe in a higher power of some kind and at this point I am resigned to not labeling it but rather I will just accept it.
The one thing I am sure of, when I die, I prefer to pass out of the darkness and into some kind of light not the other way around. I salute all of you who have strong beliefs and encourage you to stick with them and know that Randy has your back!.


Steve Finnell said...

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daniel said...

thanks again, Randy. if you are indeed someone who could be labeled 'atheist,' you are definitely not of the worst kind. it's nice to hear someone who doesn't feel the need to set their beliefs ( or non-belief ) in stone and then arm the walls with cannon and barbed wire! cheers to your open mind, and the humility of admitting imperfection.


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