Thursday, December 31, 2009

Romancing The Moon

Image and words by Randy J. Cole

Take your child by the hand and lead them to the sky. Introduce them to the great grandmother of imagination, the silent heavenly body above, our moon. Peaceful and grand she means little in the eyes of the average. To the artist, the scientist, the dreamers, and oh yes the lovers, she pulls at the their hearts as she does the tides of this earthly home as if to stimulate the dreams from within. On a clear night full of her reflection, introduce your young to the place where science fiction was born and reality ventured on the soul of man. Gaze upon her as human kind has done for thousands of years and be carried away, for she is beautiful.


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Randy, your post is so beautiful. I love what you wrote. We missed the full Blue Moon here due to clouds but am so happy for those of you who were able to witness this miracle! Amazing photo, too.

judypatooote said...

Perfect...certain people find beauty in something as simple as the moon....and I would be one of them....before Christmas I was walking through my living room and it was all lit up, and when I looked out it was the biggest full moon I've ever of course I had to grab my camera....the picture turned out beautiful, because it was all black with a big white moon with tree branches trailing through the moon...I sent it into "see it, snap it, send it" channel 13 and they showed it a couple of days on tv.... I find beauty in the most simple things... I can only imagine the beauty I would find if I could travel anywhere I wanted....I would first need money, then the guts to drive on the expressway to find the beauty, and stock in Office Max for all the ink and paper I would use to print those beautiful pictures....LOL

Well it's a new year....hope you are staying warm, keep on snapping those pictures.... judy

StonecircleGoddess said...

She is indeed a powerful beauty. her recent gift to us, the lunar eclispe, last night, was magical indeed.