Monday, December 14, 2009

The Frozen Cranes

Heavy Hoarfrost covers the heavy lifters. Deadhorse AK


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Surreal, Randy. Like giant frozen dinosaur skeletons. Wow! Um, like, stay warm, 'k?

Sue St Clair said...

Interesting image! Definitely surreal looking.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, and for your comment.


judypatooote said...

When I saw your title frozen cranes, I was expecting to see two frozen birds...LOL....those are really cold looking...but it's a pretty picture....stay warm and have a Merry Christmas Randy...judy

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Just stopping by on Christmas Eve to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a delightful New Year. Thank you for a fabulous year of beautiful photography and amazing prose.

enemy said...

Hey Randy,
wishing you a belated xmas and a happy new year. Best wishes from yours truly 'enemy'.