Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just One of Those Things

The day was clear and beautiful. Visibility was endless with the hum of the Cessna's engine making my eyelids heavy. I don't know who the pilot was or what we were even looking for. Off to my left I spot a slight glimmer from the ground about a mile from our location. I point it out to the faceless pilot and we bank and descend slowly circling a small aircraft which laid upon the flat brown prairie at the edge of a small ravine. It resembled a child's toy that had been stepped on by a carless passerby. Next to the aircraft, stood two people, waiving to us. I don't know who the woman was but the tall man in the gold sport coat was without a doubt, Mr. Robert Fields. I smiled when I recognized him, the pilot of my aircraft tipped the wings back and forth, then without ceremony, I woke from the dream. How odd this was to dream of a person from such a long time ago. Mr. Fields was a prominent teacher in the Libby school system but one that I actually never had as a teacher. My memories of Mr. Fields were limited to one single morning during what was called Mini Week, while I was in High School in 1970. Mini week consisted of activities other than the boring school routine and in my case, I had signed up for my first ride in an airplane. The pilot was Mr. Fields, the same man who 30 plus years later, I would dream of as being one of two survivors of an apparent plane crash. The dream struck me funny but it did not warrant deep pondering until I went online the next day and brought up my hometown newspaper, The Western News. This is something I still do to check the status of my little hometown. I think we all have a tendency to check the obituaries to make sure we are not in them. As I began to look through the short list of the deceased, a chill ran down my spine and I will admit my eyes began to tear up a bit. Staring at me from the screen was an oversize photo of the man that had given me my first plane ride and who the night before had sent me a message. According to the obituary, he had died from the effects of Alzheimer's while in a nursing home. It would be interesting to get other peoples perspective of the circumstances surrounding this dream and the obituary entry the next day. It is difficult for me to write this off as "Just One of Those Things." For whatever the reason he decided to send me a message after his passing, I was thankful then and I am thankful now. On a side note, I hope he wasn't giving me a heads up on how my life might end. I do a lot of flying, but I suppose that if I were seated in an aircraft that was headed toward its demise, I would be perhaps a bit more relaxed because of the vision of Mr. Fields wave signaling that everything is ok. Thank you Mr. Fields, until we cross paths again.


Randy Rogers said...

This is a great story of how a message is sent through your dreams and has bearing in your waking state. Using a wrecked plane definitely got your attention and was something you would remember and look closer at to see who was waving to you. Don't over analyze the message but accept it for what it was, a friend saying hello to you from the other side. He used the plane because it would help trigger your memories of that first plane ride with him. He's out of the plane now and flying for real on the other side.

judypatooote said...

My friends and I were just talking about dreams this morning...and I do believe that the ones who have left can leave us a message one way or another. I can't remember my dreams, except for one, and that was a few years ago. My husband and I went grocery shopping and then out to supper. We were holding hands walking into the restaurant, and I told him, I left my purse in the car...he said go get it...and I walked to the car and woke up...he was so real, and then I realized that the next day, it would be the anniversary of his death...that was the only time he came to visit in 16 years. Dreams can be sooo real sometimes. Thanks for sharing your story Randy., and sorry this is soooo long, but you should know me by now, I do rattle on....LOL judy

Anonymous said...

Randy Thank you for your story, Bob Fields gave me my first ride in an airplane as well. It left such an impact on me, that I ultimately became a pilot.

Bob Fields was a gental man, always calm, seemed to have a lot of inner peace. Glad he reached out to you so that others could share in His message.