Saturday, August 30, 2008

Temple close up

The hand work that went into the creation of this temple in Bangkok amazes me to no end. I really loved that place!


Friday, August 29, 2008


This is a creation from my second trip to Thailand. We were at a resort at Hue Hin on the Gulf of Thailand. You may have to click it to read it. It was a poster I sold through random Stone Productions.
The colors are real and untouched. The back ground was a cement wall. The flower is a Bird of Paradise.


Vermont Color

A bit of contrast from the last. This photo is from 2004 on one of my trips to the east coast. It was a great trip and this photo is one of my favorites.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Iron Horse Series

Speaking of black and white photos. These are a few I took in Snoqualmie WA a few years back. Makes you wonder what people will be photographing 100 years from now.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Crapper in a Wrapper

About four years ago I snapped this shot of a porta-potty that had been delivered to the Central Check Point on Prudhoe Bay. The toilet inside the check point was in-op at the time. So, the mystery is solved about where one might do a nature call in 60 below zero weather in the Arctic.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ignite The Nites

Ignite the Nites is a great way to spend the hot summer nights in Libby, if you are at all a person who enjoys automobiles. This celebration is sponsored by a local car club called the Igniters. Friday afternoon the fun begins at 5 p.m. when Mineral Ave. is shut down and turned over to the 130 some collector cars and their owners. They spend a few hours driving back and fourth displaying their machines. The ones that can do so are allowed to burn off the tires. It was interesting and provided a glimpse into a world in which $4.00 a gallon gas has got to take some of the fun out of celebration. The celebration goes through the weekend and includes numerous activities.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Reach

I have been so busy while at home. Not a lot of time to do much with the blog. I thought I would throw some of my past photo work at you for now. This is one of my sons. This photo was untouched. Hey launched into his rendition of Some Where Over The Rainbow.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Don't Like Travel Days

Ted Stevens Airport, Anchorage, Alaska 10:09 p.m.

I have grown to dislike my travel day or should I say day and a half and sometimes two days. I work 7 days a week 12 hours a day and normally for six weeks straight. I then have to deal with this day. Travel day. I work until 5 p.m. and at about 7p.m. fly from Deadhorse on a charter 737. I arrive in Anchorage at 8:30 p.m. My flight today leaves Anchorage at 12:30 a.m. and I arrive in Seattle 3.5 hours later. At 7 a.m. I board a puddle jumper, (small) prop driven aircraft and fly to Spokane. Time to get my car out of the parking area, which as of late cost me $200.00. Ah yes, I fill my gas tank up and drive 3 hours to Libby Montana. I spend the next two days trying to rest up. The only good thing of course is being with my lovely wife. Not a very happy post. I look around at the gate and I can tell the flight is going to be full. Tourist, fisherman, oil workers. I should count my blessings. My flight was not one of the ones that got canceled because of the ash in the air from the volcano eruption. Ok maybe it isn’t so bad. Oh wait, she just announced that the plane was late. Refer back to first sentence.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pooh (Annie) Update

I received this wonderful photo of Pooh today. As you can see she looks great and happy. Also a note from her owner Tess. I have also included a note of thanks from Lindy.

From Tess,

Pooh is doing great! She is almost back to herself. I am going to talk to her doctor tomorrow and see if I can start giving her more food. She is so hungry. She ran to the road to get the paper this morning. Her bark is getting better. When I brought her home, her right ear stayed down a lot. It is usually up now. Her eyes are bright and happy. Her tail is constantly wagging. She isn't losing her balance like she did Friday. We had a quiet day yesterday, just us. I think that helped. She got to rest. I am attaching a new picture from Saturday. Have a great day!Tess

From Lindy,

Thanks to all of those people posting comments on the blog and the thoughts and prayers that you were sending this way. I read them everyday and appreciated every last one of them!

I also want to thank Wandermere Animal Hospital so much for there amazing compassion for the patients they see on a day to day basis. I visited Pooh on a daily basis and often more than once and they welcomed me with open arms each time. The entire team there deserve so much credit and I will continue to be a loyal customer to them with my dog Keeley. Thank you Wandermere Animal Hospital for everything you did for Pooh!!

Also, to the couple of people that donated money to help with the vet bill that was acquiring. My mother in law and parent's best friend (you know who you are) your generosity is amazing.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just a photo

Thought I would throw this photo up for you. I was going through one of my desk top folders and located this. I took this photo exactly four years ago today. The facility in the back ground is Gathering Center 1 on the Prudhoe Bay Oil Feild.

Friday, August 8, 2008

I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

Well, if you are reading this blog for the first time, I suggest that you scroll down to the beginning of Pooh's (Annie's) story. You find that first post under Annie's Saviors. It is interesting and has a great conclusion. It would not have been so great if not for the efforts of a number of people.

Lindy Terry, who started the rescue effort by risking her safety while trying to latch on to a dog she had never met and one that was seriously injured as well. That is dedication to other living things.

The anonymous people from the two mystery cars that got out and helped catch Pooh before she could enter a busy roadway.

The wonderful staff at the Wandermere Animal Hospital who performed as a team to save Pooh's life. Should I come back as a dog or heaven forbid, a cat, please let them be the ones to neuter me. They are good and I trust them.

The lady that drug Tess into her home to see the news report, thank you!

Tess, Poohs owner, You demonstrated a great love for this dog through your neighborhood door to door searches and the dog knows it as well as the ones that were there to witness the reunion. They say that Pooh was on the verge of speech.
This is an example of how your good thoughts and prayers can be answered.

Do not be afraid to stop and help another living animal. Two legs or four. At some point in time you will be rewarded.

I received an e-mail from Tesses sister Melodie. She had some well deserved concerns about my first post about Pooh, (Annie.)I asked for her permission to post her comments and she agreed. I will also post my response.

Dear Randy,

I just read your blog entries about Pooh and felt I needed to respond. First of all, I would like to thank your niece Lindy, for pulling over to resue Pooh, my sister's baby. Not everyone would do that, not knowing how an injured dog will react. It upset me to read some of your comments, however, and I would like to set the record straight. If you knew Tess and Pooh you would know that many of your descriptions are way off base:

I look at my unkempt fur and feel this thing around my neck that once held my identity. The tags long since gone as are the praising words of the child who once fed me.
Could her fur have been unkempt due to escaping from an attacking coyote? She had been attacked at the house and was found approximately a half-mile away.

I, once loved, now encouraged to keep my distance from humans. Tormented by thrown rocks and stinging words.
Pooh has never experienced thrown rocks or stinging words. She is naturally shy around everyone except Tess, even family.

I cannot help but to lay on my side preparing to be struck,... Pooh had been on the run from a coyote for who knows how long. She may have lain on her side from exhaustion, not waiting to be struck. Maybe she was relieved someone saw her and was helping her . Maybe she could not fight any more.

The little girl that had looked as though she been on the streets for sometime ... Pooh stayed outside on guard-duty during the day while Tess was at work. After Tess got home Pooh was in the house, lying on the end of the couch. She was not a street dog.

It makes you wonder if maybe she was left behind by her owners by accident or maybe on purpose. If Pooh were truly the unloved, abused dog your blog seems to portray she would not have been looking for her owner. Pooh is very attached to Tess and would not have left her willingly.

I will miss "Annie" very much but deep down I knew that she would not be ours for long.Once Annie saw her owner she transformed into a completely different dog!! Once they made contact Annie jumped into her owner, Tess's lap and kissed her on the face and cuddled as close as she could to her.
I think this says it all. This reaction lets you know that Pooh is loved. I call every night and know how many places Tess went and how many people she talked to. She never gave up on her and always talked about when Pooh came home, not if she came home. Again, thank you to Lindy for rescuing Pooh and to you for contacting KREM2 and getting her on tv so Tess could find her. The two you put events in motion so Pooh could return home where she belongs. We need more people willing to do this. Melodie(Tess's sister)

Thank you for your response Melodie, I hope I cleared up any doubt that Pooh is loved by your wonderful sister with the final post. You have to understand that when I was told about the events on the phone I was and still am in the Arctic. I am a writer but not always of facts. I had not seen any photos of Pooh when the initial post was written. I without a doubt took a great deal of creative liberties while writing the story. It is clear that Pooh is well cared for because she is 15 years old. At the time the vet thought she was about 8 years old. this is a testament to the care she received from Tess. It is very impressive.If you like I can post your comment on the blog site but only with your permission.

Randy J. Cole

Melodie, I should also mention that when I wrote the first entry, it was really a depiction of the plight of all dogs in general that find them selves alone and almost reads like a poem. Most of the stuff I write for my blog and other projects are from first hand experience except my historical references such as Lincolns Rain. I really had no idea at that moment that I would contact KREM News but it was something that occurred to me after the fact. Anyway I am glad that it turned out the way it did.

Randy J. Cole

Annie to Pooh

E-mail I received from Lindy today August 8th Friday:

Ok, so here is the story and the pictures. I called the vet tech at home last night to get some ideas on how to get Annie to eat it was then that she told me that a woman had come to the clinic after the news report and said that Annie was her dog. The clinic told her that she was in a safe spot for the night and to come back tomorrow when I was already scheduled to bring her in for a check up at 10:00 She showed up at 7:00 and brought in the flyer that she had circulating around all the local vet's clinics but Wandermere becasue of the location she didn't realize it was there. So the vet called this morning saying that she was indeed the owner and that they told her to come back at 10:00 when I was scheduled to bring her in. I new that she would be there early so I decided to show up a little earlier as well. I new as soon as I parked that she was the one waiting in the clinics waiting room. SHe looked anxiously as I opened the car door and as soon as I got Annie out her eyes perked up and started to cry. Once Annie saw her owner she transformed into a completely different dog!! Once they made contact Annie jumped into her owner, Tess's lap and kissed her on the face and cuddled as close as she could to her. It was then that we found out her story. Her real name is Pooh and I think that Tess said her granddaughter named her. She is 15 years old and has been with Tess since she was born (in her house). She is always at Tess's feet except for the Monday that I found her. She couldn't find her and she immediately began looking and sending out flyers in desperate search of her. Tess belives that a pack of coyotees plucked her from her yard becasue it is not in her nature to go far from her at all. Tess thanked me over and over and we hugged and cried together and then she offered for me to stay for the vet's visit but I just couldn't I left at that point closing this small little chapeter in my life. I will miss "Annie" very much but deep down I knew that she would not be ours for long. She had an owner that she was desperatly looking for and we all could sense that. When she was at my parents for the night she was always on a mad search for something so now that she has found it I can rest easily and be happy that she is where she needs to be and healing in loving arms. My parents tried deperately to connect with her but she had other plans. Just so everyone knows her eyes are no longer sad!! They are full of life! I am trying to scan the flyer so look for that in a couple of minutes. Thanks again for all the work you have done in getting Pooh back to her owner.

Photo: Tess and Pooh (Annie)after being reunited at the Wandermere Animal Hospital, Friday morning August 8th.

E-mail received from Tess and Pooh, today August 8th Friday:

My name is Tess and I am the friend Pooh (Annie) has lived with the whole 15 years of her life. She is a faithful, happy, loving friend who I have been missing since Monday. I have been searching for her every day with the help of my friend Kim. I had flyers out, but I missed the Wandermere Animal Hospital. I now know it is there. I was going door-to-door with flyers when the Krem 2 story aired. I was invited into one of the houses I went to and they told me they had just seen my Pooh on the news! I cannot even describe what I felt when I heard that. I drove to the Wandermere Animal Hospital immediately, but I arrived after 6:00 p.m. I had to wait until the next morning to bring my baby home. I was unable to watch the story on the internet because I needed to update my flashplayer. That website was down. My friend Kim tried playing it for me over the phone. Another friend, Donna, told me the lady who had rescued my baby had taken her home. I was devastated. I did not know when I would see her again. The wait was long and painful, as I know hers was too. We are very close. She is always at my side. There has been such a void since she has been gone. I owe so much to all who helped my baby. There is no way to thank everyone enough. That void in my heart has been filled again. I truly believe in the power of prayer. I have been praying for God to please lead me to Pooh. My prayer was answered when some wonderful people saw the story on Krem 2.

As a result of this experience, my friend Kim and I are going to start a website for lost and found animals. We need a place that links everything together and makes it easier to find lost friends. Also as a result of this experience, Pooh will be getting a chip. She is forever losing her tags...

I am attaching a few pictures (I could fill pages and pages...). Please feel free to use any or all on your blog. And thank you so much for your part in bringing my baby home.

Pooh's friend,

Annie's saga continues

Check back soon! An unbelievable end to the Annie saga is at hand. I am just waiting for the photos to arrive. My faith in the Universe and the powers that be, grow stronger with every moment!
The rest of the story is coming soon.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Annie Update / Krem 2 News

Things are looking up for Annie but everyone who sees her says she looks like she is looking for someone. It makes you wonder if maybe she was left behind by her owners by accident or maybe on purpose. We will see how it all turns out in the end. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.
Below is the link to the KREM News report that was aired today.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Annie's Saviors

The escape came at a cost, but I am alive.
The taste of my blood sours my stomach and reminds me of where I came from.
Oh how I wish to be back nuzzling close to my brood with mother licking these wounds that run so deep.
It was so long ago, but at this moment it brings me comfort to think of her loving breath as she cleaned my face.
Oh I hurt, but if only to make it to the side of the road. Perhaps a human will grant me my wish for survival.
I want to live but I am not sure why. I look at my unkempt fur and feel this thing around my neck that once held my identity.
The tags long since gone as are the praising words of the child who once fed me.
As the pain grips my body, the pain centered in my heart is the worst.
I, once loved, now encouraged to keep my distance from humans. Tormented by thrown rocks and stinging words.
Where are the saviors, as these cars pass by?
If I rest, the coyote will surly find me.
Please, I do not wish to become food for the wild animals. I should not be a part of that equation.
I wish to be praised and touched by a loving hand once again.
Have mercy or I shall perish.
My legs shake as she approached. Reaching out telling me it was going to be OK.
I cannot help but to lay on my side preparing to be struck, but the stroke to my head and the words told me I was wrong. A savior, a savior at last!!!!

August 4th, 11:00 a.m. Lindy Terry, of Spokane, WA noticed a small red haired animal stumbling near a busy roadway on the north side of Spokane. The first impression was that it was a coyote which are known to frequent the wooded areas that surround Spokane. As she got closer it became clear that the animal was in fact a small dog, bleeding from several wounds. The dog was disoriented and obviously in a great deal of pain. Lindy pulled her car to the side of the road and attempted to make a rescue. The animal after surviving the attack of what is believed to have been a coyote, was not yet ready to surrender to helping hands and eluded Lindy’s attempts to catch her. Two other vehicles joined the rescue attempt and thanks to the fast actions of an unidentified young man with good intentions, the little dog was safely placed into Lindy’s vehicle. The animal laid on the front seat of the car bleeding and confused and so exhausted, unable to enact any more fight or flight response. The air conditioner surrounded her with cool comfort while being driven to the Wandermere Animal Hospital, in North Spokane. As soon as Lindy arrived with her patient, the staff of Wandermere took immediate action and the process of saving this little strangers life began. According to Lindy, the staff treated Annie with the utmost respect and care. The little girl that had looked as though she been on the streets for sometime was now receiving medical treatment mixed with real love. Oddly the staff started to call her Grandma Annie because of her advanced age for a dog, believed to be about eight years, before Lindy decided that Annie was an appropriate name because of her status in life as well as the red hair. Strange how those things work out. Staff members were surprised when Lindy told them of her choice for a name.

I called Wandermere Animal Hospital a short time ago, Wednesday at about 12:15 p.m. Spokane time to check on Annie’s status. A very kind young lady answered and said that Annie appeared to be perking up a bit. This was after a tough night and morning. I will keep you informed on Annie’s status as things develop.

If you are a religious person, then a prayer would be nice. If you are just nice person then happy thoughts would suffice. I am sure in any event that donations would be accepted to help offset the cost of Annie’s care. Supplied is the web site address for, Wandermere Animal Hospital.

If you would like to contact me with comments but do not belong to the Blogger community please do so by writing me at

Randy J. Cole

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wrapped Around Your Finger

I had been out of the hospital for a short time and the pain was still significant in the upper abdomen. It was the first body part that I had lost since the removal of my foreskin shortly after my birth. Thinking about it, if at my age I was to have a choice of having my foreskin removed or my gallbladder I would go with the gallbladder. I hated the removal of my gallbladder, but just the thought of the other one really gets to me.
My wonderful girlfriend spent the night in the hospital with me; this was big because she has a very strong dislike of hospitals. It was comforting knowing that she had made the sacrifice on my behalf.
Chaniya’s stay had been really wonderful and we decided that we got along very well as a couple. The hospital stay was the closing deal. I loved her and she loved me. The only thing that gave us both a worry was our financial situation. I had a huge mortgage, child support, and cost of everyday living and some bad investments on my part. Not a great start but we were convinced that we would overcome. Now looking at the mystery of hospital bills that may not be covered by my insurance, it was worth the risk and we decided to take it.
The darkness of the place consumed the would be shadows of a couple seated near the fireplace. The sound of others immersed in their own conversations about life in Libby, Montana. The place is called The MK Steakhouse just out of town. It has been a fixture in our community for many years and is what you would expect from an upper crust steakhouse in a small town. Blue jeans and no ties, well once and a while, maybe a tie. This is a place that means a lot to me. Built by the guy, Ed Lewis, or better known as, The Montana Kid, who was the original trainer for the television horses, Flicka and Fury. It is also the place where I was seated enjoying a fillet minion with my ex-wife. As I shoved a big tender piece of meat into my face, a beautiful blond with the lowest cut blue jeans I have ever seen stopped and looked at the cut of beef on my plate and said, “My gosh, that looks really good.” I answered, but I am sure she did not understand what I had said, how embarrassing. The blond was Hollywood party girl, Tara Reid. She was in town filming a independent film at one of our local lakes.
But on the night that I sat with Chaniya, I forgot about the other times I spent in the MK. I was focused on the black haired Asian beauty that sat across from me. A small basket of dark bread had been served to our table. The bread had been accompanied by little blocks of butter, wrapped in gold foil. Before the dinner course could be served I made my move. In the darkness I dropped to one of my knees before this woman that I loved. The words came out clear, “Chaniya, I love you and I would very much like you to be my wife.” I took her long beautiful fingers and singled out the ring finger on her left hand. As she smiled and said yes, I carefully guided the gold ring fashioned out of the foil from a Medowgold butter chunk smoothly over the first joint and the second as if it had been made for her finger. It also could have been the butter. We laughed about it at the time as she made adjustments to its imperfect shape.
I can only speak for myself, although I am sure that Chaniya would agree, when I say that the silly little foil ring fashioned from a cover for a stick of butter, means more to us then any other material possession that we hold. It is a true symbol of a love that is real and the day by day struggles we need to overcome and even more importantly the ones behind us.
I am sure in my heart, that one day; I will leave her alone on this earth. I have an image of Chaniya many years after I am gone preparing for her own journey. She will reach into a special place and remove the yellowed little box. She will explain to her daughter the importance of the gold foil ring. Her daughter will understand and Chaniya will carry it with her on her journey. In that respect, Chaniya and I are the richest people on this earth.

Honey I love you!

Images by Chaniya Ninbanphot Cole


I love candid shots. This one, taken back in 2005, means a great deal to me. My grandson looks on as a video plays in the visitor’s area, under the Lincoln Memorial. The video that was playing was Martin Luther Kings great speech, “I have a Dream,” which took place on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, just above where we were standing. My Grandson has experienced the dislike and contempt from ignorant people that pass judgment on others because of the color of their skin. What a shame!

Randy J. Cole

The Blind